Reker Construction and Aggregate's highly capable line of equipment and personnel can complete an array of site development and grading projects. In our close to four decades of service we have delivered golf courses, soil conservation, housing developments, city lagoons, landfills, dairys, animal production facilities and road construction.


The crews at RCA can perform a wide range of excavation services on many types of projects. Past projects include excavations for footings, elevators, pits, bins and scales. From high schools to hog confinements let us handle your excavation needs.


With sources throughout southwest Minnesota Reker Construction and Aggregate can deliver and manufacture many of the materials needed for construction.  Either from our pit or yours we can produce specified materials for your project.  We offer crushing and screening services as well as concrete and asphalt recycling throughout the tri-state area. We also have a lay-down area one mile north of Adrian, MN that is well suited for asphalt and concrete plants and is close to  Highway 91 and I-90. 


Reker Construction and Agg. has the capabilities to demolish your existing structures from grain elevators to single family homes. RCA has many different options for removal of your debris including onsite disposal, recycling, landfill or removal to our recycling facility near Adrian, MN.


With end dumps, side dumps and belly dumps Reker Construction and Aggregate can move your material where you need it.  We have third party hauling experience in quantities up to 40,000 tons.


RCA is highly capable of installing your farm drainage tile. With a work area including Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa we can improve your field and make your ground more trafficable and profitable. Our crews have the resources to install your main and lateral tile.  GPS maping on all jobs.  Let us design your drainage system today!


Reker Construction and Aggregate can install your storm sewer, sanitary sewer or water utilities.  With experience in new construction as well as rehabilitation we can deliver your project on time.  Give us a call today!


Other services include snow removal, environmental work, disaster clean-up and many more. If you are in need of any other services not listed here feel free to contact us to see if we can provide a solution for you.

Reker Construction Adrian MN
Reker Construction Adrian MN

Reker Construction Adrian MN
Reker Construction Adrian MN