Reker Construction and Aggregate, LLC is your contractor for all your earthwork and related needs.  We offer many other services that are shown within this site.  With our over 50 pieces of machinery we can handle a wide array of projects in the tri-state area.  Since 1978 we have adapted to the needs of our clients to deliver the projects they need.

Whether it be municipal, commerical or private we have to the experience to suit your needs.  From humble beginnings with a used motor grader to today with fully automated machines and various pieces of equipment we have grown to offer many services to provide to the area. Contact the staff at Reker Construction and Aggregate, LLC and we will be glad to consider your project.



Hills-Beaver Creek School District

        New High School

City of Hills MN

        Various Streets Reconstruction

City of Lismore MN

        Weside Ave/Corey Ave Reconstruction

        Various Streets Reconstruction

Arends Farms

        Farm Drainage

        Hog Confinements

        Grain Storage Facilities

        Farm Drainage

Chandler Coop

       Fertilizer Storage Facility

       Shop and Equipment Storage Facility

Lynn Farms

       Various Hog Confinements

       Feed Yard Improvements

       Soil Conservation

       Cattle Buildings

       New Shop Facility

       Farm Drainage

Eastern Farmers Coop

       Fertilizer Facility

       Fertilizer Facility Demo

Binford Farms

       Various Feedlot Improvements

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

       Dam Construction-Jeffers MN

       Dam Repair- Hills and Round Lake MN

C&J Feed Yards

       Various Feedlot Improvements

       Various Hog Confinements

       Feed Storage

       Soil Conservation


       Truck Station-Slayton MN

       Hwy 59 Material Supply

       Shouldering Material Supply

       I-90 Flood Repair

       I-90 Scale Remodel

Murray County Highway Dept

       County Road Construction      

Rock County

        Landfill Cell Construction

        Emergency Flood Repair Following 2014 "500 Year Flood"

        48" Storm Sewer Repair

Rock County Rural Water

        New Well Field Construction

Wildflower Pointe on Summit

        Housing Development

City of Adrian MN

        Street Construction and Utilities

Boeve Farms

        Various Feedlot Improvements

        Feed Storage

        Soil Conservation

Knips Farms

        Various Feedlot Improvements

        Various Hog Confinements

        Feed Storage

Jackson County Highway Dept

        Bridge Approach Grading and Base Course

Martin County Highway Dept

       Gravel Pit Stripping

Worthington MN

        Senior Center Excavation and Backfill

Mary Jane Brown Center

        Parking Area Upgrades

Weg's Blue and White Dairy

        Dairy Site

Luben Dairy

        Dairy Site

Van Essen Dairy

        Dairy and Manure Storage

        Feed Storage

City of Avoca/Iona

        Wastewater Ponds

Wieneke Dairy

        Dairy Site

Nobles County Highway Dept

        County Road Construction

Weidert Dairy

        Dairy Site

Various Townships

        Road Regrading

        Road Regraveling

Sweetman Sand and Gravel

        Stripping in Various Pits

City of Luverne

        Redbird Field Parking Lot Construction

        House Demolition and Removal

        Koehn Ave Construction and Improvements


        Material Hauling

Express Ag

        Remediation of Existing Drainage Issues

        Parking Areas

        New Storage Building Construction

Jim, Alan and Joe Henning Farms

        Hog Confinements

        Building Demo

        Various Site Work


        New Office and Warehouse Facility Site Work

Bedford Technologies

        Production Area Construction

New Vision Coop

        New Truck Shop Facility

        Reshape Drainage Issues at Magnolia Feed Mill